Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm BACK!!

After a long long break,im back. Lol, life's been great till now, except for my studies which im quite dissappointed,so i shall not talk about it. So in case you guys doesn't know,im in for a new sports now; dragon boat. It's quite fun, lol,lots of team work needed. Going to penang for an competition soon in december, i hope we can get something back, my first international competition! let's hope for the best.

life's been fun too, class 3s1 is fun and joyful. Though they are dead quiet in class,you should see them after school some days!! outing with GP was fun too,especially tat day when we go celeb wenqi and bryan's bday. lol. i'll play till mad now while i still can, start chionging for o'levels next yr bah. lol

It's time for the kite to fly..

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hi, im back once again. nothing much to post abt though, it's just brother,balls and sleep everyday. monday's trip to east coast was okay,especially the trip back. had a great time. but then, the lessons nowadays seemed very boring, haiz, stressed sia. CCA wasn't pleasant either, had to put up wif faces everywhr, with friends,CCA and even at home. zzz, cock faces everywhr. everything seems so cock now, sian. but people,please dun lose hope on this rotten world,because thr's always a better tmr. that's all for today, enjoy life everyone.

your presence is a disturbance! =D

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Friday, August 14, 2009

life:I'm feeling very puzzled this few days, but my mood is getting better this few days.i feel that i have found my old own self again. Its like i've met someone whom i had not seen for a long long long time. perhaps it's because i've grown up, or walk over it already. nonetheless, brothers nv failed to cheer each other up. We will remain as a cheerful and happy party. =D

stresses: 3 common test had passed. i think i would flunk my amaths and english. haiz, no use talking about it now, i just hope that i can find the mood to study.other than test,i think life is quite free from stresses and pressure. lol.

hope everyone will take care of themselves, please do not get sick. To the NCC guys going for OBS next week, hope you all will enjoy yourself and come back safely. don't kayak to MLS ok? =D

reply to tags:
cherlyn: lol, cause close up shots very funny.XD
yixin: lol, hello. give me your link bah, i go link you. =D
joel: haha, he thinks he has a nice armpit.
wenhui: im back again,lol. jiaoo bin.
bryan & boon ping: glad to know other thinks that boon is sexy, XD
shu wuen: lol, of coz nice,because they were taken by me!

cheer up, world.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm BACK!!

Hi, people, after 3 months,i've finally start to post. well, i'm posting because there are loads of things i want to blog about, but since many ppl had already posted it,i tink i will juz post my photos. =D photos speaks a thousand words, enjoy the photos. P.S ps to ppl who tag me,i cant reply to tags coz thr are quite a few. lol!
ah boon!!
act cuteXD

we have no MJ, here's a DK.


KTV party world



i cant hear you!!

unglam photo shots!! XD sorry for posting them!!

hope you guys lyk the pictures!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

fun outing today!!haha.i enjoyed today veri much.thx to these 3 crazy ppl!!=D school will resume tmr,hope it will be fun sitting wif darren!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

holiday's almost over and i am finally posting. hmm, tons of hw left undone and i don feel lyk doin them, sian... many things happened during the time i didnt post.

had our class bbq last sat. i tink i was quite a failure coz it was organised in a haste and many things weren't settled well. but overall we were still happy by chatting and craping tgt.haha.

some other things happened but i forgot already,so tat's abt it.and to reply to those tags,I POST LIAO!! haha.

happy hols and all the best to everything!! will post again someday in the future. i tink next time i will post some photos?

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

So much things happened this 2 week...

First, we are out of the west zone competition.Fk la,knn, the adults dun even noe how we feel than kpkb, do they even noe the stress we are facing? and they juz scold,mock and all. CB. well,out of top 4 means we are lousy,school wont be giving privilages and answering to our request.damn... feel so damn fk up. next year we will return to pawn tat ass school, im sure..

today went to marina barrage for learning journey,the place is not so fun but playing wif the guys are fun. after tat went back to sch and played bball.sian, everyday got hw,lyk dun nid money liddat,sian... haiz,i miss sec 2 life alot. sec 3 is sian lo,though i tink we are not realli veri stressed,i tink still veri sian. nid everyday study study,haiz.

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